Une yogini de Nouvelle-Zélande nous rend visite en avril

Tina Chiang est médecin et pratique la méditation Sahaj à Auckland. Elle viendra échanger ses expériences avec l’association Sahaja Yoga Tahiti en avril 2016. Sahaja-Yoga-workshop-Tina Chiang

Article paru dans The Weekend Sun (presse en Nouvelle-Zélande) le 15 janvier 2016:

The New Year often calls for a ‘new self’, but change isn’t always easy. This year, why not try the spontaneous way of bringing a positive change in yourself?

Meditation is an ancient practice that brings inner peace, improves concentration, reduces stress and helps lead a balanced lifestyle – all of which can greatly impact on your general wellbeing.

Dr Tina Chiang (25), who practices Sahaja Yoga meditation, says, “It has changed my perspective on many aspects of life. It has helped me become more positive and to overcome various challenges.”

“When you discover peace within, it is a miracle. You realise that you don’t need to turn to materialism, substances or other temporary means – the solution comes from yourself.”

David Sharp, who has been running Sahaja Yoga meditation classes in Tauranga for the last 14 years, says, “The benefits of meditation are that people, young and old, can at will, switch off their mind and negative thoughts. Our health and alertness improves spontaneously, our memory improves, and thus work and study become more enjoyable. As far as human relations go, we do not react adversely to negative situations.”

Sahaja Yoga meditation is a simple meditation technique that takes meditators to a state of ‘thoughtless awareness’.

Sahaja means ‘born within’ and ‘Yoga means union with self’. The essence is to find a state which brings you into balance and at peace with your inner self. This helps you avoid the extremes of excessive lethargy, frantic activity, ego, and feelings of guilt and regret.

This state is known to be achieved with awakening the dormant Kundalini energy and balancing the Chakras. Chiang and her fellows will be exhibiting this technique and helping Tauranga’s local community understand this simple and valuable practice, and all for free.

Chiang says, “There are thousands of people, including youth, from over 100 countries who practise Sahaja Yoga. They have all reaped the benefits of meditation. All it takes is 10 minutes daily.”

Tina is hosting a Sahaja Yoga Medication workshop on Thursday, January 21 at 7.45pm, Papamoa Community Centre (Mako room)/Library Building, 15 Gravatt Rd. For more information visit http://www.freemeditationnz.com or call 022 152 9602.

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